Real Estate and Infrastructure

 Real Estate:

  • India’s Real Estate sector is broadly divided into commercial and residential categories. The proficiency of the Real Estate sector in India is highly influenced by the economic conditions.The industry allures humongous investments and as result it becomes a sector with high risk and high cost of servicing debt. With the withdrawal of the relative stagnancy which persisted for the past decade, prices in the real estate market are gradually rising.
  • However due to the unregulated nature of the real estate market, the adoption of right recruitment procedures and policies that are a required for the growth of a professional and structured organization have a long way to go. The sector is in dire need of candidates that have localized knowledge in project management, land acquisition and construction management.
  • Mapping of the right candidate to the right company is extremely essential, which we are able to with the thorough knowledge of the market and developing strong ties with the companies as well as potential candidates.
  • Specialities:

    • Retail/Malls
    • Commercial / Office Space
    • Developing Residential / Townships
    • Interior Designing Firms
    • Architectural Firms
    • Real Estate consulting companies
    • IPC’s/ Real Estate Broking


  • The infrastructure industry plays a pivotal role in the interlinked growth of the all industries.The Government of India has plans and policies setup that augment the infrastructural facilities in India. The large scale development of the key infrastructural projects which are being signed between the governments require the technological competence of developed nations.
  • The nature of these projects is that they are prone to contingent delays and procedural dawdling which hinder the development and growth of the infrastructure. There is plethora of unexplored experienced talent in the public sector, who are looking for arduous chance in the infrastructure industry.We have cultivated professional relations with individuals with foresight and vision to thrive the development of the infrastructure sector.
  • Specialities:

    • Roads/Ports/ Railways/Airports
    • Power
    • Transportation (Shipping & Aviation)
    • Oil and Gas
    • Logistics


    • Sales & Marketing
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics & Procurement
    • Projects
    • Human Resources & Technology
    • Finance, Legal & Compliance

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