FMCG and Pharma


  • India FMCG sector is a battle ground for rigorous competition. The market is disintegrated into with half the chunk of the market share with un packaged and unbranded products.Highly supporting factors in the indian FMCG market are cheap operating costs, easy availability of raw material well established distribution chain and presence across the value chain.
  • FMCG sector sees a combat for talent with increasing number of people with disposable incomes. Marketing Professionals of the Indian FMCG sector are considered as the best as many of them are leading elite world organizations.Poaching of talented Sales and Marketing professionals from FMCG sectors to other sectors due to their proficiency has always been the trend is likely continue.

  • Pharma:

  • Indian pharmaceutical sector has seen a progressive shift with technological advancements, with new drug testing and pushing boundaries for new innovation and establishment of a stable new business model.Small and Medium enterprises which are on a spree of growth at a brisk pace contest the industry heavily.In this dynamic industry one needs dependable talent to create,innovate and contribute to efficacy.
  • We grasp the intensity of the development cycle which is a lengthy process,thus we endure to provide executives fit for research oriented roles as well as high powered managerial roles.

    • Clinical Research Organization
    • Bioinformatics
    • Medical device and equipmentmanufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Diagnostic & MedicalLaboratories
    • Hospitals


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