E-commerce & Start-Ups

 E-Commerce & Start-ups:

  • The startling growth of the E-commerce industry in India in the last decade has astonished everyone. The annual growth is far superior when compared to the rest of the world. The drivers of the this growth are the agile looming tier two and tier three cities of India. Enhancement in internet integration and technological inclusion and rise in the living standards stimulate further growth. Payment and banking services attracted by online shopping dominate the transactions in E -commerce industry. Expert talent requirement becomes major necessity with intensified market competition.
  • Our operations have been active since the onset of online platforms. Our consultants are in are aware of the dynamic nature of the industry and are in touch with the youthful industry leaders.
  • Specialities:

    • E-Commerce Companies
    • Social Media
    • Internet database services

    An IIT Kanpur Alumni Initiative