Compensation Benchmarking

 Compensation Benchmarking:

  • Human resources are widely recognized as a strategic operation within all organizations. The fundamental aim associated with human resource management is to entice and retain distinguished and devoted staff. The objective of achieving a policy with effective remuneration which aids in continuous employee engagement and commitment to increase results of the company, it is vital that an integrated reward system is developed which encompasses markets trends as well as business strategic priorities
  •  We assist top management to decide the following: 

    • Compare your current remuneration scheme to that of your main competitors and identify strengths and weaknesses.
    • Providing the information on remuneration mix of the competitors and help our clients comparing their remuneration mix like fixed cost, bonus, long term incentive plans etc.

    How you will benefit

    • As an employer it will boost your knowledge and provide you with comprehensive about compensation benefits
    • It will give you access to a pictograph of your company’s position in relation to market in the areas of salaries and benefits.
    • Understand where your key competitors may excel.
    • Interpret how to categorically affect your organization’s bottom line in a positive manner.
    • Interact more proactively and positively within your company.

    An IIT Kanpur Alumni Initiative